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Our vision is driven by the needs of people today and in the future. 
We create value through the evolution of mindset, organization and processes. 

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Personalized growth paths​

We provide career growth paths that are tailored to people's individual needs, facilitating the achievement of personal career aspirations.​ 

We enhance all the talents of our people. ​ 

You can have multiple roles, in different areas and levels, working where you can express yourself best and developing more and more know-how.​

Continuous learning​

We firmly believe in the evolution of skills, which are fundamental to the growth of the organization and the digital ecosystem in which we live.​ 

We offer training courses ranging from Agile fundamentals to insights on new technologies to coaching and facilitation techniques.​ 

We value internal communities to promote moments of discussion on common needs and interests.

Continuous feedback

Feedback is an invaluable tool for Agile organizations at all levels.​ 

We believe it is the concrete answer to the needs of organizations aiming at people empowerment, concrete improvement of skills and innovation.​ 

It represents a useful exchange for improving communication between people, highlighting and letting individuals know each other's strengths and weaknesses, making collaboration more effective and providing a whole new perspective on each other's work.​

Smart working

As adesso.it, we want to facilitate a flexible way of working that gives people value in terms of time, focus, and goals.​ 

People who work flexibly show themselves to be productive, autonomous, resourceful, and able to adapt to change and market demands.

Participatory leadership​

We advocate a participatory leadership model to motivate multiple individuals to achieve a specific, common, shared goals.​ 

A leader is a charismatic problem solver, a humble empath, and is able to value all the people on his or her team, influencing them and helping them to work better to achieve a common end goal.


Full stack Developer

The WS Developer designs and implements software design and coding best practices and is able to promote them in an agile manner within the team in which he or she works. 

Digital Architect

The Architect carries out complex analyses, designs 'clean' architectures, develops software and intervenes to support the business. He is methodical and passionate and maintains strong oversight of the projects he works on. 

Project leader

The project leader strategically chooses and uses co-design tools, constantly communicates with teams and stakeholders, and always takes care of project budgets and margins.

Business Analyst

Il Business Analyst raccoglie le esigenze degli stakeholder e definisce con il team la giusta soluzione per il cliente mediante l’utilizzo di metodologie, strumenti e tool Agili innovativi. 

Scrum Master

Lo Scrum Master conosce i principi e i framework  dell'agilità, principali tecniche di coaching, negoziazione, facilitazione e  crea le condizioni ottimali perché il team raggiunga gli obiettivi e dispieghi il proprio potenziale. 

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