Cloud Migration

Design and implementation of application migration paths from on premises environments to hybrid & multi-cloud paradigms


Companies today increasingly need to be flexible and competitive within their target market, increasing their capacity for experimentation, enhancing the value of the data at their disposal, and innovating the way they relate to customers. Internally, they need to respond to employees' need to work free from physical constraints of space and tools, with state-of-the-art technologies

For this reason, the Cloud has become a strategic priority and many companies have already started the migration path. There remains however, ample room for optimization in the use of activated cloud services, and the most complex part of the journey, related to the most critical applications, often remains to be addressed.  
The need is to formulate a solid strategy: Optimizing the management of the applications portfolio already migrated to the Cloud and migrating the applications still On Premises appropriately.


We enact pathways to take full advantage of the cloud-computing paradigm. Through years of experience, we have developed a structured methodology for the assesment of the application portfolio, the definition of strategic evolutionary guidelines, and the selection and configuration of devops, orchestration and monitoring solutions.

Together with our partners, we are also able to support companies regarding management, organizational, contractual and compliance aspects.


The main benefits derived from a well-structured cloud migration path are: 

  • The clarification or reconstruction of the current state of the information system to be migrated to the cloud; 

  • A clear understanding of the architectural scenario to come in the Cloud environment, combining the performance and cost containment benefits of private infrastructure with the flexibility and constant innovation of the public Cloud; 


  • The design of the best path to evolve the application portfolio toward the target scenario; 

  • The identification of the services offered by cloud providers best suited to business needs, the appropriate sizing of services, and the forecasting of related costs;


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