Development and adoption of low-code applications for cloud collaboration to make collaborative processes and collaborative micro-processes more efficient in the enterprise


Most companies are in need of making more efficient collaborative processes and micro-processes, which today are still managed in an unstructured way through e-mails and meetings. For example, within the company, for managing collaboration and information exchange between different business functions, for project management and monitoring, for operational management of work within offices. But also to the outside of the company, such as for managing relationships with suppliers or for recruiting and onboarding processes for new incoming talent. 

Often these companies have already purchased Cloud Collaboration platforms and tools, such as Microsoft Office 365, which enable low-code applications to help manage internal collaborative processes, but they need to capitalize on the investment by making sure there is real adoption of the tools to their full potential.


Working hand-in-hand with the business, we understand the prioritized needs and use cases for collaboration in the enterprise, such as building communication portals, supporting project management, gathering ideas and insights for innovation, implementing internal training paths, etc. 
Together with customers' IT management, we define the governance guidelines of using cloud tools for collaboration and develop the ad hoc solutions for individual processes and use cases. We involve key users and business sponsors to keep the business on board in design choices, so that they are at all times owners of the solution. In the start-up and adoption phases, we support the client in communication, support and training of the implemented solutions. 

Low-code application development is based on dedicated platforms, such as Microsoft Office 365 Power Platform, and can be of different types:  

  • Through tools such as PowerBi, the integration, processing and presentation of process data is handled 
  • Leveraging tools such as PowerAutomate, one automates data organization, storage and reporting tasks 
  • Utilities such as PowerApps, tailor mobile and desktop applications to optimize usability for data use and editing and/or employee communication and engagement


By developing and facilitating the adoption of low-code applications in the cloud to manage collaborative processes, you can:​ 

  • Make processes for exchanging and sharing and information faster​ 
  • Make the knowledge available in the enterprise more usable and reusable​ 
  • Increase the effectiveness of business communication​ 
  • Facilitate the management of activities within teams​ 
  • Track the actual progress of processes​ 
  • Understand where to intervene to make processes more agile​ 

    Thanks to the Agile approach, it is possible to grasp the full potential of the tools and get value quickly, at low cost.​


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