Welcome, the reference Agile Digital Factory for the Italian market

·       WebScience, following the integration with the Group adesso SE that took place last year, is now called 

·       The goal is to be the reference Agile Digital Factory for companies, in the Italian market, which want to face the most innovative and complex challenges required by digital transformation 

·       adesso SE, listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange with a 2023 turnover of more than €1 billion and with more than 10,000 employees, strengthens its position in the Italian market

Milan, 6 march 2024

WebScience changes brand and becomes A year after the acquisition by the Group adesso SE, WebScience, an Italian company with more than 120 employees and a turnover of more than 12 million euros in 2023, adopts the new brand wants to be the reference Agile Digital Factory for companies, in the Italian market, which want to face the most innovative and complex challenges required by digital transformation.'s distinctive approach is Agile, the best way to successfully implement digital innovation projects in today's changing context, creating state-of-the-art and high-quality software solutions, in collaboration with its customers, with the main objective of creating concrete and long-term value.


adesso SE, IT service provider listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, optimizes the processes of the core business of companies by providing consultancy and developing tailor-made software and specialized solutions for the industrial sectors. A distinctive characteristic of the Group is growth: not only in numbers, but also in skills and relationships among people. The Group has been growing, for years, more than twice the average of the reference market. It closed 2023 with over 1.1 billions € in turnover and more than 10 thousand employees located in 14 countries.  

To grow in Italy, the group adesso SE, starting from January 2023, has chosen WebScience, a Software Factory founded in 2000, specialized in the development of tailor-made digital applications, application modernization and migration to the cloud.

One year after integration into the group adesso SE, WebScience adopts the new brand "". The change is a consequence of the completion of the integration process and reflects the desire to communicate the entry into the Italian market of one of the leading IT service providers in Europe. today wants to be the reference Agile Digital Factory for companies facing the complexity of digital transformation, combining cutting-edge methodologies, technical excellence and a collaborative approach. With the aim of creating joint value, it designs, implements and facilitates the adoption of digital solutions, accompanying companies in application modernization to enable the evolution and scalability required by the market. Further confirmation of the solidity of this positioning is the news of the start of the collaboration with a leading company in the tourism sector: “Alpitour, in its digital transformation path, has launched an important program to modernize its applications portfolio and has identified as the software factory with whom collaborate thanks to the proven quality and experience gained over the years.”

Hansjörg Süess, Business area lead Central Europe & Nordics of adesso SE, said: “The group adesso SE has been growing faster than the target market for years. We are an ambitious company, growth oriented, with a solid customer portfolio, that is continuing its internationalization path. Entering the Italian market is an important step for us and we have identified WebScience as a company consistent with our DNA and value base. We now see in the right platform to achieve our growth goals also in Italy."

Stefano Mainetti, Executive Chairman of, declared: “Following the acquisition concluded last year, this transition to is much more than a brand change; it represents a significant step in the evolution of our mindset, opening the door to new challenges on an international level. It is a change of perspective that reflects our desire to grow, innovate and compete with the big players in the sector. Our strategic vision is to enable real and sustainable innovation in our clients' companies by introducing Agile in a pragmatic, aware and gradual way, consistent with the governance models of complex and large companies. In parallel, we are committed to cultivate a positive and inclusive work environment for our employees, putting people at the center, promoting a collaborative approach, responsible autonomy and collective alignment.”

Francesco Micotti, CEO of, added: “adesso SE is one of the largest IT companies in Europe and is an opportunity for us to go beyond the local dimension, face global challenges and open up opportunities for international career development. Already after a year of collaboration, the first results are visible: the market is growing, our customer portfolio is growing, and gradually the complexity of the projects that we know how to manage with an agile approach is growing too. Our growth numbers are in line with those of the group and, above all, we now have the right size to manage large digital transformation projects. Proof of this is the recent collaboration launched with Alpitour for the modernization of the company's core applications."