Agile growth and the integration with adesso

Interview with Stefano Mainetti

An interview with Stefano Mainetti, founder of WebScience, was published today in Computerworld Italia. 

The article talks about our history, the integration with the adessoSE group, and delves into the agile approach that differentiates us in digital transformation projects. We report some highlights from it: 

"The Italian Agile Digital Factory Webscience, which after an organic growth of about 20 percent per year in recent years (100 employees and 10 million in revenues in 2022), was acquired at the beginning of the year by adesso, a group with more than 8,000 employees and 900 million in revenues, to establish its base in Italy." 

"We have always worked for large clients with international interests, but the domestic connotation as a boutique software house was no longer enough for us. We had truly international aspirations. That's why we decided to join an international group that had the same DNA as us," Webscience founder Stefano Mainetti tells Computerworld.


Among the points they shared was a firm belief that they would only pursue a client base willing to espouse the Agile model, willing to continually collaborate between developers and users, working through iterations with frequent releases and learning from collaboration to redefine project goals and scope. "Our experience shows that this way projects move forward faster, there is greater satisfaction with the results, and-ultimately-we spend less."

Generative AI

We also talk about using generative AI, such as Copilot, as an aide in software development, which really offers a leg up for developers of all skill levels. 

At WebScience, our developers are already experimenting with these new tools that can increase productivity while still emphasizing individuality. Our founding value of growth is the basis for motivating us to continuously learn and understand how to best use new and emerging technologies.