VoloXperience: Let’s discover together the drones world

On Monday, October 9th, VoloXperience was held, a workshop that gave all participants an extraordinary experience. 

On the occasion of Milan Digital Week, an event dedicated to the fascinating world of drones was held at WebScience office. The event was organized thanks to the collaboration between DigitalBrick, a WebScience initiative committed to the digital education of high school and university students, and ANT-X, a spin-off startup of Politecnico di Milano specialized in the design, prototyping and testing of multi-rotor drone platforms.

The event attracted many different types of participants, from young high school and college students to professors and technology professionals.  
Everyone had the opportunity to admire what a drone looks like, find out how it works, explore its many fields of application, fly it, and share their passion for technology and innovation. 
It was an opportunity to understand the details of the design, the technology behind these devices, and their applications in different areas, from aerial photography, to inspecting hard-to-access places. 
One of the most exciting moments of the event was the opportunity to safely fly a drone inside a special flight arena. Guests were able to experience firsthand the control of a drone, expressing amazement, curiosity and lots of involvement. 
VoloXperience was a success, offering all participants an educational and fun experience. It was evident the desire to explore new technological frontiers and the enthusiasm for innovation.

An Agile Digital Factory like WebScience – an adesso company is always looking for people passionate about innovative technologies who want to collaborate in multidisciplinary teams to implement digital transformation initiatives. We believe that it is critical to develop these kinds of skills by starting not only with formal learning, but by simultaneously stimulating creativity and interest in learning. We will continue to promote initiatives that encourage digital education and exploration of future technologies, stay tuned for more exciting adventures and initiatives! 
Special thanks go to ANT-X for their collaboration and to the audience who made this event so special. Thank you to everyone who participated and shared this experience with us.