WebScience announces brand change: welcome !

WebScience announces brand change: welcome !

We are excited to announce a decisive step in our evolution as a company: as of January 1, 2024, WebScience will change its name, becoming This brand change is motivated by several reasons, on the one hand to pursue the goal of a full integration into adesso Group and enhance its synergies, and on the other hand to strengthen our presence and recognizability in the Italian market, to become the leading Agile Digital Factory in Italy.

A key element in our decision to become, customizing the international brand adesso, is the desire to be more strongly recognized on the Italian territory. "adesso" is a term widely used in Italy and has a powerful meaning, recalling the idea of timeliness and promptness. The choice of the ".it" suffix is aimed at improving the visibility and identity of the brand in our linguistic and cultural context, ensuring its immediate reachability on digital channels. 

The company's goal today evolves further in wanting to become a solid reference point for large companies in the Italian market that want to address the most current and complex challenges required by digital transformation, offering state-of-the-art software solutions, establishing trusting relationships and creating value together. Since its foundation, adesso Group chose this Italian term to connote its timely ability to generate value: “adesso” means “right now”. The change of the brand of WebScience, the platform chosen for the entry into the Italian market, can be read as a natural consequence of that initial intuition.

This transition is much more than a brand change; it represents a significant step in the evolution of our mindset, opening the door to new challenges on an international stage. It is a change of perspective that reflects our desire to grow, innovate and compete with the big players in the industry. In parallel, we will strive to cultivate a positive and inclusive work environment for our employees, placing the person at the center, promoting a collaborative approach, responsible autonomy, and collective alignment

In conclusion, we can say that the transition from WebScience to is an exciting chapter in our company history. It is our growth, it is the growth of everyone who has contributed to the company project over the past two decades.