The value in integrating WebScience with adesso

Article by Stefano Mainetti, founder of WebScience

The entry of WebScience into the adesso group represents an important opportunity for both our employees and customers. Through the creation of new synergies with a group in continuous growth and that exceeded 900 million euros in turnover in 2022 (read the report), we will be able to strengthen further our value propositions in the market. At the same time, our employees will have a new opportunity to grow professionally by acquiring new skills from the group's best practices. All this is combined with the opportunity to develop an international culture and career that is essential today to compete in the innovation sector. 

The integration of WebScience into the large German group stems from a mutual choice based on a shared foundation of values, vision and purpose. The trust placed in us by adesso to leave our organization and management structure unchanged is recognition of the work done over more than 20 years of independent growth, oriented toward project quality and attention to people. Therefore, despite the acquisition of 100% of the company shares, the responsibility for profit and loss and the actions to be taken for development and growth in the Italian market remains with the current management.

For Dirk Pothen, a member of the Executive Board of adesso SE and head of the Group's internationalization process, the merger with WebScience is a clear strategical choice:  

“In WebScience, we are integrating a successful and established business in a financially attractive region of Europe. The size of the company alone – it’s one of our largest acquisitions of recent years – will inject significant impetus into our international growth across what is now thirteen European markets.” 

A promising relationship is developing between WebScience and adesso. We are united by a common history, shared business and agile working methods: 

  • We carry the same academic DNA and share the same passion for quality in our work: WebScience was founded in 2000 as a spin-off of the EBLab Research Center of Politecnico Innovazione, while adesso SE is founded 26 years ago by Professor Volker Gruhn, Chair of Software Engineering at the University of Duisburg-Essen; 

  • We pursue the same business: as WebScience we accompany clients in the process of digital transformation, identifying and seizing present and future business opportunities for companies. Likewise, adesso believes in the power of innovative ideas and in the quality of the solutions implemented that optimally support companies in facing their transformation challenges; 

  • Both in adesso and in WebScience we work with Agile methodologies, based on flexibility, collaboration and interaction. We place the customer's needs at the center and strongly believe that their involvement through a co-design approach can lead to more innovative and satisfying solutions. The Agile method allows us to adapt quickly to market changes and customer needs, minimizing waste and maximizing the value created.


The two purposes that distinguish us in our respective target markets are the same ones that make us converge in a union based on value for people and business

In WebScience, the strength that unites us and enables us to meet the toughest challenges we have summarized in the form "Digital with Values". Values in the plural: value for people, value for business. It is our purpose, the deep meaning of our work.

adesso SE believes in the connection between business, people and technology. These three elements are inseparable and influence each other. Therefore, its purpose reads "business. people. technology".

We share with adesso the focus on people, who are at the heart of our vision for the future

  • At WebScience, we believe in the contribution of every person. The natural trust we place in each of our employees enables us to create a stimulating work environment that is appropriate for enhancing individual potential. Promoting continuous feedback and training paths for the development of each person's skills allows us all to walk together towards the future

  • adesso considers people as the beating heart of its activity, capable of combining business with technology. People represent the will to change, and the latter is the source of success. People's curiosity, openness to seize new opportunities and their proactive power to create value for customers and themselves is encapsulated in the formula: GROW TOGETHER.

Change means development and growth. It is achieved through digital transformation, the core of our business

  • The quality that sets us apart as an Agile Digital Factory is the mantra that has been with us since our founding. Our actions aim for excellence, which comes from the pursuit of constant improvement and the use of state-of-the-art technologies. The value that characterizes us is concreteness, namely the ability to make things happen for real and leave a mark of value for the business. We bring out the future that already resides in our customers, working together with them to make it concrete. At the same time, for adesso the customer is the architect of the evolution of his own business, with whom the group partners to translate their needs into technology solutions. 

  • adesso’s fields of excellence are IT systems and software development. The company's organization based on individual empowerment and widespread entrepreneurship enable the company to open itself to new opportunities and ideas and finally realize them.

As WebScience, we will continue to preserve our business vision, based on the concept of an innovation boutique, which enables us to build trusted and lasting relationships with clients. We remain committed to listening and understanding the digital transformation needs of companies with a strengthened solidity in designing cutting-edge solutions with international reach.  

Thanks to the union with the group adesso, a new era now begins for WebScience. Our goal is to become the reference Agile Digital Factory for large Italian companies that want to address the most current and complex challenges required by digital transformation.