Agility in the digital era: Architecture with microservices and modular monoliths

Article by Stefano Bruna, CTO ad

In recent years, the implementation of application architectures based on microservices has gained increasing popularity in the software development scenario. But an application that relies on a highly distributed architecture is inherently complex due to the increased need for communication and collaboration, the multiplicity of execution environments to be orchestrated, the need to divide the application domain into bounded contexts, and the management of distributed transitions. 

So, are microservice architectures under discussion? Certainly not. Just as monolithic architectures can still be advantageous in certain contexts, microservices will continue to be so for many others. In the following we highlight the possibility of a hybrid configuration, that is, a large application that is made up of both a collection of modular monoliths and microservices. 

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Article by

Stefano Bruna

Chief Technology Officer