Operational, qualitative, and value metrics


The agile software development team needs to measure the performance of the work performed through precise and continuous analysis throughout the life of the project. 

In our digital innovation projects, we apply a methodological approach that goes beyond initial estimates to enable us to more accurately monitor the timelines, quality, and value of the activities performed by our team. To achieve clear and evident results, we use IT metrics that are tailored to the specific needs of the individual client to constantly monitor project developments. 

The introduction of kpi, performance indicators, is consequent to the mutual desire with our clients to work with maximum transparency and flexibility, inspired by the agile methodology

The metrics that are used are of three types: operational, qualitative and value.


Operational metrics are needed to keep track of project budget time and consumption, monitor team productivity, and highlight and resolve so-called bottlenecks-impediments that slow the team down-as soon as possible. 

An efficient team continually asks questions with respect to the timing of work delivery: 

  • How much work do we have left to do this week? 
  • How much time do we have to complete this task? 

    Time is the most valuable and scarce resource on which decisions such as prioritizing some tasks over others and assessing their feasibility depend. These metrics are of great value because they define how the available time should be used and which project areas to focus on most at any given time.


Quality metrics measure the safety and quality of the code written by the team. 

The use of such metrics reduces the accumulation of technical debt, since by intercepting software bugs more quickly, troubleshooting costs decrease
In addition, this approach is an important source of learning and growth for the team, which avoids repeating past mistakes. 

Ultimately, these metrics provide a bridge between the team and the customer, allowing for trust-based communication.


Value metrics are essential to provide the team with a common goal to pursue: to generate the greatest possible value for the customer. In this sense, the entire work is oriented toward a single direction: creating a product that meets the desired purpose and results. Therefore, these metrics measure the adherence of the developed product's functionality to business requirements. Value to the customer also consists of adherence to the budget allocated over time with the economics of the various project phases. 

Value metrics allow, on the one hand, to improve collaboration and effectiveness within the team and, on the other hand, to provide our client with accurate and up-to-date data on work progress and project ROI.

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