Case History 1/4/2023


Gathering the knowledge of many to improve the experience of one, creating links among companies and consumers for a more connected Dubai Emirate.

artificial intelligence
agile software development

HiDubai is a platform based on social dynamics, designed to connect Dubai's local businesses with potential customers. 

The goal is to offer an innovative digital service, based on artificial intelligence & machine learning, capable of organizing and bringing Dubai’s local businesses, citizens and tourists together. 

HiDubai allows: 

  • Business owners to display information about their business 
  • Users to search for services of interest, to publish reviews, to create lists to share, to receive notifications about businesses followed by friends 
    A project that aims to understand and anticipate users’ requests, providing the best recommendation for their needs. 

    HiDubai is a platform created “from scratch” using open source technologies for backend components and for the web frontend, while Android and iOS apps are native. Machine learning algorithms have been implemented to provide users with business tips in line with their interests.