Case History 13/10/2022


A new restaurant formula

agile software development


The restaurant industry is undoubtedly one of those most affected by the smartworking paradigm shift. The corporate lunch break has changed dramatically with the increased pervasiveness of increasingly flexible work formulas.  

In this context, it becomes necessary for companies such as Elior, a leader in catering with more than 95 million meals a year prepared in over 2,200 restaurants and outlets, to bring to life a new catering formula, innovating its services in the right direction. 

WebScience is proud to be a partner in this transformation journey. 
Aware of the business impact and strategic importance of catering for the well-being of employees, even remotely, we were able to interpret this challenge in the right way and support the process with the most appropriate digital tools.


The goals that Elior sets stem directly from the difficulties workers face in smart working lunch. In fact, as a recent research conducted by Teleperformance for Elior confirms, for 50 percent of Italians, eating in smart working is more complicated than lunch in the office

For this reason, the client has opted to extend its platform in order to enable employees of client companies to be able to purchase and consume a meal through a personalized, simple, fast choice and through innovative ways, even remotely.


The solution designed for our client consists of an application, thanks to which the lunch break becomes personalized, which allows people to choose in advance the product to buy and where to consume it: at home, in the office or in the canteen. 

The platform is designed to support different service models, including: point-of-sale, canteen, vending machine, reservation and pickup in the break area, ecodrink, traditional shop, pre-packaged food kits (Box delivery). 

To facilitate integration with delivery applications, a distance evaluation system was implemented for delivery of received orders.

The structure of the system allows integration with the entire enterprise application fleet

  • Various payment systems: PayPal; credit card; Elior Card E-wallet 
  • Checkout system 
  • Internal survey system for employees 
  • System for managing Menus and Recipes (from procurement to meal preparation) 
  • System for monitoring queues for some shops: the user can safely order the dish and through the App check the queues to choose the best time for pick-up in the canteen 
  • User identification system


The implementation of the platform has enabled the Elior Group to bring a new restaurant formula by enabling new channels for the delivery and enjoyment of meals. 

  • To date, there are 520 restaurants configured on the platform. 
  • From July 2021 to June 2022, it dispensed 907,741 orders, with an average of about 100,000 orders per month

    The value for users of the platform is the convenience and simplicity with which healthy meals can be consumed, customizing them through different delivery modes even days in advance.


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