Case History 8/9/2022


From reordering merchandise to supporting store operators

agile software development


In WebScience we work in innovation projects in the large-scale retail sector (GDO). 

The main challenge of our client, which operates in a complex context in order management and internal communication and coordination processes, is to offer its consumers competitive and quality products and services. 
This translates into the continuous search for operational efficiency of the stores through internal processes made more efficient through the use of stable and reliable systems.


The strategic goal is to assist all store operations: we take manual operations away from department heads to help them focus on customer support and sales activities. 
The company also wants to ensure quick and easy reordering of merchandise and provide the store and headquarters with constant monitoring of order status. 

Thus focusing on the needs of the store, the approach is to redesign store processes, developing a solution that provides support from different touchpoints as needed.  
The focus is to reduce the time spent in back office areas by bringing entire processes typically done from fixed locations to mobility.

To achieve this goal, it is necessary to provide tools: 

  • that help with day-to-day activities such as reordering, management of promotions and promotional areas, and periodic activities such as year-end inventories and movement of merchandise in and out of the store 
  • that ensure support for store operators in accompanying the consumer during the shopping experience, providing timely responses in line with customer needs through readily available mobile information on products and services offered 
  • that support shelf set-up and maintenance activities by making information immediately available on merchandise placement and assortment changes communicated by the location.


The solution conceived consists of a platform, integrated with the core processes of the large-scale retail company, composed of several applications designed and developed to meet the needs that emerge daily from user requests and that are in line with business objectives. 

Specifically, through these innovative applications: 

  • you simplify the process of reordering and procurement of goods, to ensure organizational and time efficiency and avoid any errors in order composition  
  • one remains constantly updated on the status of orders, simplifying their management and facilitating the daily activities of the staff  
  • you perform shelf maintenance and fitting, simplifying the process of merchandise placement during the remaking of a planogram and identifying new items in assortment, replacement, elimination and expiration 

    The main feature of the services provided by our solutions is their fully mobile use, greatly reducing operational time at the point of sale.


The project is conducted by involving all stakeholders, including : 

  • management line: IT, sales, logistics, purchasing 
  • the managers: buyers, flow managers 
  • the supervisors: store support and training, internal audit, human resources, contract service, quality control. 

    Together they collaboratively address the needs and requirements of the company, fostering the spread of knowledge within the business environment.

The working group , obviously multidisciplinary, finds us involved every day together with our client's team to collaborate in identifying and designing solutions in the different business areas. 

We work with Agile and collaborative mindset, using co-design tools and methodologies that help us focus on business processes and organization.  
The daily relationship with different levels of the business, helps us to incorporate feedback to fuel the evolutionary roadmap of digital solutions.


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