XP2024: attends the international conference

XP2024: The 25th edition of the leading International Conference on Agile Software Development starts today!  

Today in Bolzano, Italy, as official sponsor, we are present at a unique forum where researchers, practitioners, thought leaders, coaches and trainers present and discuss the latest innovations in Agile.  

The event, which focuses on Extreme Programming, has over the years broadened its scope to include all modern agile development approaches and aspects. For an Agile Digital Factory such as, it is essential to stay constantly up-to-date on the latest developments and practices in this field, and then translate them pragmatically into the specific contexts of our customers.  

The eXtreme Programming (XP), born in the late 1990s, is an Agile software development framework that emphasises the concepts of speed, flexibility, improvement and collaboration to deliver high-quality software products efficiently. This methodology, formalised in the form of rules and practices, shares a common value base with the Agile Manifesto. Just think of the XP values of ‘communication’ and ‘respect’, which are declined in the Manifesto with the first value ‘Individuals and interactions over processes and tools’.  
XP promotes code quality by emphasising certain fundamental software engineering practices such as refactoring, continuous integration, automated testing, and so on.  

Our commitment as Agile Digital Factory is to capture and interpret the value that emerged from the conference and translate it into concrete actions to continue to navigate in the direction of agility together with our customers. The topics covered on Leadership and Culture, Process Innovation, Product and Design, Agile Coaching, Sustainability, Engineering and AI are inspiring for our employees and for a learning organisation like 

Talks such as ‘Product? What Poduct?‘ by Pierluigi Puliese, “All the Small Things” by Alberto Brandolini, “The evolution of Agile: from Then ”till Now’ by Diana Larsen, ‘Emerging Design...But Not Too Much’ by Marco Fracassi, ‘Agile and the management grind- my journey to complexity leadership’ by Hendrik Esser, are a valuable source of stimuli for learning and evolving Agile tools, practices, organisation and mindset.  

🌟We are excited to participate in XP2024, with the presence of our CIO Alberto Marsanasco, and to contribute to the dialogue on Agile innovation and the future of software development. Stay tuned!