Play adesso: play to build trust in ourselves and others

We dedicated the corporate event to culture, purpose and play. To create a company where we trust each other and are willing to follow others.

In order for an organization to function well, one of the most important things is to accept the decisions made by others, based on the defined governance structure, and behave accordingly. This is what happens, for example, in a flock of birds, when you trust the bird at the edge that perceives a danger and deflects, causing all the others to deviate. 
But trust this is not taken for granted. What are the two fundamental conditions for people to trust and welcome and value the decisions made by others?

  • Self-determination. As Paul Goodman said, large organizations mortify the initiative of individuals. In teal companies, you organize yourself into small, autonomous teams, coordinated with each other thanks to the sharing of coherent goals. Within the small size of the team, everyone can have an impact, contextual leadership emerges, a leadership that everyone can take in different areas, and it is easier to exchange feedback and ask for advice before deciding. In this context, people are more likely to trust them, and more likely they are to follow the decisions made by others.
  • Shared purpose. The strongest motivation to trust lies in common purpose, a force that lies beyond the leader. If I really recognize myself in the purpose, I trust it. This is what happens in volunteering when you trust the professionals who guide the activities (social workers, educators, nuns). That's what happens in theatre when you trust the director. It's what happens in the game when you trust the person who gives you the rules. What happens is that you're obeying someone who tells you something, but you realize that there's something much bigger behind it, that exists before and will exist after you. In volunteering there is charity, there is the human. In the theatre, there is the Theatre. In the game, there is the vital charge of the child that lives inside us.

This is why we have dedicated the corporate event to culture, purpose and play. To create a company where I trust others and am willing to follow what others have decided. In the game, we physically experienced the experience of the flock, chasing each other, some faster, some slower, very quickly alternating moments when we were leaders of the group with moments when we followed the others. More than 100 people dancing with harmony and balance by the sea. It was a very powerful experience that taught us the strength of shared purpose.

For trust, we said, we need a context within which we can self-determine. That's why our event had the ** goal to translate the culture and values of the group adesso within our company**, making them our own, so that they were true for us, within our reach, something that can motivate us in our daily actions. A culture within which we can self-determine. 

The result was an event full of energy, where everyone shone. An energy that will also fuel our projects and our daily operations, because now we are even more willing to trust each other.