Play adesso: let's live our corporate culture

We dedicated the corporate event to culture, purpose and play. To create a company where we trust each other and are willing to follow others.

Our corporate event this year taught us the strength of shared purpose and the values of a new culture. Between the blue of the sky and the sea, between the smiles and emotions of the people, we experienced two extraordinary days. 

Through the gaming experience, the common thread of all the activities, we got to know new sides of our colleagues, we looked into each other's eyes, we held hands, and in the end, we enriched ourselves as individuals and as a team, recognizing the uniqueness of those next to us. Play is a powerful tool that allows us to express our true nature, as it allows us to explore, experience and react in an authentic and spontaneous way, without the restrictions of social norms that often limit our authentic expression.

In an organization, for everything to work well, one of the most important things is to create relationships of trust. This is what happens for example in a flock of birds, when you trust the little bird at the edge that perceives a danger and deviates, causing all the others to deviate. In one game, we physically experienced the flock experience, chasing each other, some faster, some slower, very quickly alternating moments in which we were leaders of the group with moments in which we followed the others. More than 100 people dancing with harmony and balance on the seashore. It was a very powerful experience that taught us the strength of shared purpose.

Our event had the objective of declining the culture and values of our group adesso SE within our company, so that they were true for us, within our reach, something that can motivate us in our daily actions : 

  • "We are ONEadesso": We are united in our mission and always work as a team. 
  • "We are straightforward": There is no room for ideologies and personal interests, we work with passion and determination to create value for us and our customers. 
  • "We are hands on": pragmatism is our watchword, we don't waste time, we get to work straight away. 
  • "We are open-minded": we embrace diversity as an opportunity. We want to continuously grow and learn.

The result was an event full of energy, where everyone shone. An energy that will also fuel our projects and our daily operations, because now we are even more willing to trust each other.