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Salesforce Utility Template

Support your sales department and increase customer satisfaction at the same time

New, smart and AI-based solutions for your customer contact

In the utilities environment, your employees receive a high number of requests. Redundant customer data, complicated processes for contract adjustments and the lack of a 360-degree view of contract data within households can lead to cross-selling and upselling opportunities not being identified and exploited. With a Salesforce environment that is directly tailored to work in the utilities environment, you can support your employees in different sales and service processes.

Optimize your value chain - from AI-supported lead and account management to automated customer support via chatbot. Use integrated Salesforce Einstein components such as the lead score, which recommends the most profitable steps at the right time.

Automated and transparetn design of your sales and business process

adesso offers you a Salesforce template which supports your sales process by automating it successfully and visually displays households within the system. Use the 360-degree view of your customer data so that all customer interactions, contracts, counters, addresses and cross-selling potentials in your company are transparent and comprehensible. Through an integrated Outlook and SharePoint interface, customer contacts can be presented in a comprehensible manner and sales-relevant documents can be shared. Support your employees with automated processes to manage your sales profitably. The adesso Utility Template provides you with all relevant sales components. Start your work immediately and use sales-relevant objects, processes and AI key figures ad hoc.

Excellent and efficient serivce with self-service customer portals and an integrated chatbot

The integrated self-service customer portal allows customers to find answers via a simple search function, view contract data online and transmit meter readings simply by means of OCR (automatic text recognition) integration. Simplify the work with specific customer enquiries with a chat bot that automatically classifies customer enquiries and processes them in 1st level support. The adesso Utility Template saves the valuable working time of your employees due to the future-oriented and automated processing of customer enquiries.

  • The world's leading cloud CRM platform orchestrates all sales tasks and automates your processes
  • You get a 360° view of the entire customer base for every sales and service transaction
  • AI technologies support your sales and service experts in strategic and operative sales work
  • You can configure Salesforce extensively and deploy it quickly
  • Different sales and service configurations are available ad hoc
  • Support of sales by individual calculation of tariffs - also in the Door2Door business
  • Sales support through Einstein KI key figures
  • Powerful reports and dashboards for different levels within your organization
  • Role and territory management for sensitive customer data
  • Integrated Microsoft interface for extending your 360-degree customer data
  • Self-service customer portal - including a chat offer for 1st level support for customer inquiries
  • Automated processes for your lead and customer management
  • Transparent and clear representation of households
  • OCR integration for automated text recognition of meter readings
  • Certified Salesforce experts and Salesforce Partner status ensure access to the latest technology
  • Proximity is decisive for the success of a project - with adesso you rely on German-speaking sales force experts who work at locations close to you
  • If required, we supplement project teams with SmartShore resources from Spain, Bulgaria and Turkey
  • 20 years of experience with IT and CRM projects of all sizes - from DAX corporations to start-ups
  • Competencies in all relevant technology fields such as AI, CRM, digital commerce or IoT

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