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Office 365 – Targeted for your business

Identify scenarios, see them for yourself, then implement them

Work live with Office365 - the workshop as a centerpiece

We work together with you to identify potential implementation scenarios in your company. We shed light on relevant business processes and take account of your company’s specific circumstances to set the direction and aims for the core event to follow – the workshop.

In the workshop, you will use test data and work collaboratively to create a productive Office 365 environment tailored to specific tasks, allowing you to discover the advantages of Office 365 first-hand. The workshop gives you a real picture of the digital working environment and shows you individual features of Office 365.

Use your first-hand experience to achieve your goals – do more with it!

Following the workshop, we will work with you to identify specific application scenarios, prioritise them and determine next steps. This will lead either to recommendations for action or initial test implementations, depending on your state of readiness.


We offer you a workshop which allows you to experience Office 365 based on your own example applications. Potential topics might include Office 365 Groups for collaboration, developing ideas with Yammer, exchanging information within teams, finding experts and relevant documents using Delve or co-authoring – simultaneous working in Word and PowerPoint.

Practical individual preparation

  • Filter out relevant business processes
  • Identify the right Office 365 function for the job

Substainable planning for your company

  • Targeted prioritisation of upcoming actions
  • Initial implementation of a modern, digital workplace

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