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adesso develops new football app for Swiss football association

Zurich, Dortmund | 4. July 2022

No Swiss football result without adesso: The consulting and IT service provider is up-dating the central information application of the Swiss Football Association (SFV). In addition to membership administration, this also includes everything to do with match operations. In Germany, too, adesso has maintained close ties with the sports scene for years. From now on, the company will offer a tailor-made portfolio for the sports industry, in which adesso can make broad use of its digitisation expertise from 25 years.

What do sports and software development share in common? Both are best done as a team. Or an interdisciplinary team as is the case in an ongoing project at adesso Schweiz AG being carried out in partnership with the Swiss football association (SFV). Working hand in hand with the SFV, adesso analysed its current central information application, which dates back to 1999, at which time it also designed and developed a new app to replace it. This is now being rolled out and will gradually take over for the formerly used solution.

Thanks to the excellent cooperation, the SFV's modern web application shines in new splen-dour: adesso has streamlined SFV’s old app, which has become complex and ungainly over the years, and brought the technology underlying it up to date. This is also reflected in the contemporary design that delivers enhanced usability and a much better customer experience. The app contains the standard administrative panel for member management, which includes an overview of members, roles and authorisations, alongside information on registrations, player transfers, events, courses, ticketing and financials. The main component, however, is the panel for league operations across Switzerland, where fixture lists can be generated, matches postponed, referees assigned and information provided on testing and inspections, among others. A number of changes have to be made there all the time due to rule modifications, new functionalities or where new potential for digitalisation is spotted. This can all be done much more efficiently with the new application.

Sports inspire. Stefan Käser, Head of Business Line Public at adesso Schweiz AG, truly believes this: ‘When completing a project, the team leaves nothing on the table, just like an experienced football squad. Being so close to the action is a constant motivator for the team. That’s because last-minute changes to forms due to COVID or the recent addition of an interface to FIFA for player registrations is part of what they do. And of course we also use the latest technology: the application was migrated to the cloud in March 2022.’

Stefan Käser

Stefan Käser, Head of Business Line Public, adesso Schweiz AG (source: adesso)

The connection to sport is strongly anchored in the adesso DNA

In Germany, adesso is also intensively involved in sports business and is the official sponsor of the BVB youth and women's teams, an IT partner of the Borussia Dortmund football club and a service partner of DFB GmbH. The company also has holdings in start-ups such as iotis and Wingfield, which focus on the smart use of IT and artificial intelligence in sport. Particularly worthy of mention in this context is adesso's investment in Staige, which enables a platform for live sports broadcasts from the amateur sector using an intelligent, AI-based camera system with

Image of BVB Team and adesso

Among other things, adesso is the main youth sponsor of Borussia Dortmund.

In order to strengthen this commitment strategically, adesso has now created the "Sports" line of business and offers a customised portfolio for the sports industry, in which the digitalisation expertise of 25 years is put to use. On the one hand, the new industry offering is aimed at large sports associations. On the other hand, the new adesso offering also addresses sports stadium operators, sports brands and sports marketers and agencies, as well as other sports-related companies, also in the tech environment, that focus on sports topics. This also includes video game providers in a sports context and sports betting providers.

Hansjörg Süess, CEO and Delegate of the Board of Directors of adesso Schweiz AG is very pleased about this development: "I find the combination of IT and sports extremely exciting, because our services are also felt emotionally in this context. We at adesso are very pleased that we can now bring all our know-how in these areas to bear in the dynamic sports industry."

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