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Dortmund/Augsburg/Zurich | accelerates digitalisation in manufacturing

Product launch for manufacturing industries – first mover Mercedes-Benz Mercedes-Benz began using the platform for the digital sampling of vehicle parts in autumn last year. The internet platform is a key link between the premium manufacturer’s plants and all its partners, such as suppliers and sub-suppliers as well as test laboratories. Other major manufacturers have already launched validation projects as well. Now that the product has been successfully positioned on the market, the company behind, logsolut AG, is renaming itself AG and gaining development partner adesso as its majority owner.

Mercedes-Benz is currently planning to use the platform for all sampling activities at its construction plants by the end of 2023 at the latest. The automotive manufacturer expects the reduction in manual effort for all partners to lead to time savings of at least 25 % per sampling and to considerable savings potential for suppliers and laboratories.

Not only in the automotive sector, but for the entire manufacturing industries, the topic of component sampling is currently very relevant. The efficient, digitized testing of components or finished products for fulfillment of specified properties enables decisive time and cost savings with many advantages, as the overview below shows.


The benefits of (source: (only available in German)

Having joined forces to form AG, the teams from adesso and the former logsolut will now focus on ensuring greater transparency, clarity and efficiency in global industrial supply chains on a uniform platform.

The change of company name sees Bernd Löhle, founder and managing director of logsolut, become a member of the Executive Board of the new AG. He has worked together with his team and adesso to continuously develop the platform in recent months and knows what it has to offer: “ enables the intelligent use of data from a large number of components in global supply chains, meaning that products and requirements can be skilfully optimised. Analysing test results allows material requirements to be adjusted so that production costs and warranty claims can be reduced.”

board members of

The board members of AG, Stefan Hussmann, adesso (left) and Bernd Löhle, logsolut, are looking forward to working with the industry. (Copyright: adesso)

Dominik Bischof, Head of Business Line Manufacturing Industries at adesso Schweiz AG, is pleased with this growth in the adesso portfolio: “We are convinced that companies and their suppliers that join the platform can gain competitive advantages for their production processes in global supply chains. There is certainly a tremendous need for this on the market.”

Dominik Bischof

Dominik Bischof, Head of Business Line Manufacturing Industries at adesso Schweiz AG, also welcomes the growth. (Copyright: adesso)

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