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adesso expands offer for Media and Entertainment Industry

adesso presents an extended portfolio of products and services to a media and entertainment industry that is currently undergoing major transformation. Traditional media concepts are being squeezed out, while social media and streaming services are becoming an increasingly dominant force in the media landscape. The distribution of advertising budgets is changing beyond recognition. Media companies are responding to the transition and concentrating on bespoke content and digital subscription models for media consumers.

The digital transformation of the media industry is well and truly underway. As the level of digitalisation in the industry increases, so too does demand for consulting services, which is why the consulting and IT service provider adesso has now expanded its offer for the target industry "media and entertainment".

New business model: subscription system moving to the forefront as a source of income

The established structure of the media industry of print, radio and TV is breaking apart, with media companies becoming all-media providers where text, image, audio and video content production is a largely digital process. Media users of today expect content to be available across all devices, ready to be consumed in any situation and at any time of day. As a result, digital subscription models are becoming increasingly important, alongside traditional advertising income. Media users are turning into regular consumers, whose usage patterns generate personal data that can be analysed and utilised to optimise and customise content.

Strategic consulting and software development for the new age of media

For a data-focused service provider such as adesso, these kinds of business models are a perfect match for its consulting and software development expertise. In this industry, adesso provides strategic guidance to deliver tailor-made customer relationship and content management systems as well as customised digital experience and customer data platforms to media companies. adesso also helps publishing companies as well as TV and radio broadcasters to provide custom content to their target audience through the right channels. Rather than data simply being collected, appropriate data strategies help to ensure that data is utilised in a financially viable manner on the basis of cloud-based marketing services. adesso’s specialist knowledge in cloud services, AI and data and analytics provides expert insight into correlations and enables end-to-end processes to be developed to expand existing business models or open up new, more successful lines of business.

First-party database provides custom content for paying consumers

As business development manager, experienced media expert Dr Christof Rieck is responsible for aligning and developing the Media and Entertainment business area. Rieck, who specialises in coverage metrics and analytics in digital business, knows exactly what is required in the industry: “Given the volume of technical changes we are seeing, especially with the end of third-party cookies and legal uncertainty with the advent of GDPR and the ePrivacy Directive, the main concern for digital-first media companies at the moment is utilising online content to turn anonymous consumers into loyal customers, or in other words subscribers. As a first-party database, this direct customer relationship is pivotal in long-term business success and is an area in which adesso can provide first-class guidance and support.”

Daniel Wildi, Head of Business Line Telecom, Energy & Media at adesso Schweiz AG adds: “Developing a valuable database can lay the groundwork for expansion in other business areas and enrich media companies’ traditional advertising business.”

Further information on the new range of products and services for the media and entertain-ment industry can be found at

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