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Whether it arrives on paper or as a PDF, vast amounts of information reach our banks via the documents they receive (digital or analogue). In order to make this information usable for further processing in digital processes, the relevant information must be read out correctly and passed on to the right place in the process. This blog post is about how we can reliably perform this process and others for our customers using text extraction.



14.07.2021 By Matthias Proschinger and Dr. Zeljko Dzunic

Low code and AI: the next big step in the AI adoption strategy – part 2


The field of artificial intelligence (AI) is arguably the biggest technological driver of the future, but projects often fail due to the complexity of their implementation or a lack of experts. In the first part of this series, we tried to answer the question of how low-code platforms can facilitate AI adoption. In this part, we will now take look at intelligent process automation – a combination of different technologies: artificial Intelligence, low code and robotic process automation (RPA). What are the advantages of using this combination? Using a well-known use case with SAP, we will introduce you to the advantages of intelligent process automation to optimise workflows.



Digitalisation, transformation and agility are appearing on many organisations’ agendas more and more. But quite a number of these organisations aren’t sure what digitalisation means for them. In my blog post, I present the strategy requirements, the various fields of action and the success factors needed to ensure that an organisation’s transformation project succeeds.


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