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13.09.2022 By Eva-Maria Kynast

Navigation for your website

Picture Eva-Maria  Kynast

Do you remember when we did not have navigation devices? We would chart the route on a map or an atlas, but did not always end up where we wanted to go. Thankfully we now have services such as Google Maps. In most cases, we are shown many different route options, since there are many ways to reach your destination. This is the same case with websites. In this blog post, I would like to show you what different types of site navigation there are and what things you need to consider to ensure that your customers do not end up on another site.

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Artificial intelligence is set to transform our lives. The task of UX design is to strengthen trust in AI-driven software and, above all else, increase our quality of life in the future. The following blog post explores key questions and describes the best methods to find solutions to them.

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Dark patterns are interface designs specifically designed to deceive. They trick users into performing certain actions that they did not intend and that may be contrary to their interests. In this blog post, I demonstrate the power of UX design.

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