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Getting customers in the energy sector excited

Values, portals and solutions

The opportunities now available to you for organising and implementing your customer communication were unthinkable just a few years ago. But if you fail to set clear goals and follow suitable processes, even the most sophisticated technology will not be useful to you. This is why we always consider both of the following aspects in our projects: Where you want to go and which technical solution will optimally support you on your way there. Get to know your customers in an entirely new way.

Customer management

Winning new customers and satisfying existing ones – it sounds easy but, given the increasing level of competitive pressure on the energy market, these are two of the main challenges that your company faces. Making sure not to allow any opportunities to go wasted on this count and making full use of potential should take top priority in terms of planning. A multifaceted CRM system is an indispensable prerequisite for ensuring this. This provides you with the opportunity to identify sales opportunities and carry out targeted measures to win new customers and bind existing ones. Taking a 360° approach to your customers will help you to optimally address your target groups and sustainably enhance the quality of your services.

You can get started right away with this industry-specific template: adesso offers a CRM solution based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM that is specially oriented to the requirements of energy supply companies. The solution takes into account your most important customer processes and interfaces, such as ones for switching suppliers and collecting meter readings. Connecting your billing system will also supplement your customer data with the most important master data and consumption data. This application presents you with all of this information in a clear way.

Which of your customers bring in the most profits? Which ones are particularly loyal? If you find yourself struggling to answer these and similar questions, you should speak with our experts about customer value analysis. You can improve your entire support process through systematic customer segmentation and customer value analysis. This will allow you to learn more about individual customer interests and manage your marketing activities in a value-oriented way.

adesso will support you in establishing a comprehensive customer value analysis and ensure that your project is successful, from planning through to implementation and constant optimisation.

Use your knowledge of customer value to efficiently manage campaigns, support your service employees, carry out sales and marketing analyses and as a basis for making decisions regarding automating processes.

One of the major challenges faced by energy suppliers lies in involving their customers more intensively and establishing a stable, reliable relationship with customers. Modern portals provide you with the opportunity to engage your customers in a targeted way and get them excited about additional products and services. You can discover cross-selling potential and create specific offers accordingly.

adesso implements and optimises your portal services. In doing so, we focus on three main aspects:

  • Designing a cross-platform experience for your customers
  • Implementing a greater degree of automation in the backend for you
  • Developing a platform that is worthwhile for all participants to use

Rely on our experts for user interface design, SAP multichannel integration, customised contents, SAP IS-U integration and customer management in the energy industry.

You can also use modern portal environments for internal purposes: For example, you can replace meter tickets with an intelligent technician portal that can work both on- and offline. You could also reduce the effort involved in reworking and making corrections by making entries in keeping with the ‘right the first time’ principle. Moreover, you can also automatically integrate portals into the respective billing system, which does away with cumbersome further processing of meter tickets.

Portals also enable you to efficiently inform your sales partners and optimise cooperation; you can use them to:

  • Inform others of initiatives and campaigns
  • Coordinate next steps
  • Automate further processing in the billing system
  • Gain an overview of commissions and statements

This opportunity for cooperation allows you to activate other sales channels and optimally support new customer acquisition.

Open up new channels of communication using the SAP Multichannel Foundation for Utilities 2.0 solution. Standardised and reusable services allow you to relieve the workload on your IT department and customer services, optimise existing processes and thereby reduce your operating costs. The Multichannel Foundation also involves additional advantages: Real-time communication allows you to increase the availability, efficiency and quality of your self-service processes.

Integrate your supply backend system as well as market communication into the solution and implement various different self-service scenarios, such as ones involving creating and sending supply requests or paying invoices. adesso is happy to support you in building bridges, identifying and consulting you on introducing and optimising self-service scenarios and supporting you with the subsequent implementation.

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