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IT transformation and digitalisation

Solutions for the optimisation of core businesses


Customer expectations increase with the rise of digitalisation, whether this involves being present on all channels at all times or providing round-the-clock accessibility of self-service services. It is therefore imperative to exploit the untapped potential of existing and newly acquired customer information in the B2C and B2B sectors. To achieve this, however, the course must be set for a sustainable and highly flexible IT landscape.

#1360-degree customer relationship

Accompany your customers at all touchpoints and maintain a comprehensive view of your customers. We can assist you with this thanks to our expertise in the area of customer experience management and an individual, technology-independent and sustainable CEM strategy. In doing so, we identify, evaluate and assess the CEM solution that is right for your company and thus provide you with a comprehensive decision template. We then implement the close-to-standard customer experience management solution that is tailored to your needs.

We accompany you from the initial idea to your established customer experience management solution. With adesso at your side, you can create a unique customer experience and secure competitive advantages over your competitors.

Initial situation and typical challenges

As competition in the energy supply market increases, the need for customised and proactive services for your customers is growing. In this highly competitive market environment, it is important to attract new customers and increase sales through cross-selling and up-selling with the help of an innovative CEM strategy.

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Our services

  • Development of a CEM strategy according to Treacy and Wiersema
  • Evaluation of CEM solutions, SWOT analyses and recommendations for action
  • Creation of a roadmap for the optimal implementation strategy
  • Introduction of a central CEM solution to replace satellite systems
  • Close-to-standard and individual developments in the Salesforce area (CRM and predictive maintenance scenarios with IoT solutions)
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#2Backend technologies, IT platforms and systems

Based on our many years of experience in the energy sector, we offer you industry-specific consulting as well as suitable solutions and processes. In addition to consulting, implementation and extensions to Salesforce, Microsoft and SAP Utility Solutions, we also implement legal requirements and processes in market communication. Our experts support you in integrating add-on solutions and in linking the necessary process steps in order to optimise your system and increase the degree of automation. Using established IT forensics methods, we also conduct vulnerability analyses and eliminate possible cyber security gaps within your systems.

Our portfolio ranges from analysis, to specialist and technical design, through to introducing and further developing existing processes and applications. In addition to providing tried-and-tested utility solutions, we also offer you our own in-house developments that are precisely and individually tailored to the needs and requirements of your company.

Initial situation and typical challenges

Digitalisation presents numerous challenges – no matter whether you are an energy producer, network operator or municipality. On the other hand, it also offers you an opportunity to optimise your own IT landscape using innovative and effective solutions and adaptations, such as SAP Cloud solutions or Microsoft CRM.

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Our services

  • Process models for the introduction of industry solutions and business cases
  • Requirements analysis and optimisation of existing IT landscapes
  • Creation of a roadmap for the optimal implementation strategy
  • IT implementation of regulatory requirements
  • Risk analyses and establishment of systematic IT security
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#3Data analytics and Artificial Intelligence

Based on your processes and data sets, we use typical analysis methods and modern data science approaches to identify how we can we leverage the potential of digitalisation within your company. This includes data analysis, forecasts, optimised resource management and intelligent automation as well as requirements analysis, scoping and content creation for technical and business integration. In addition, our experts will support you in the implementation of small ‘quick-win’ AI projects to establish AI technologies in your ongoing business operations.

Our consulting services include the transfer of knowledge and create a diffusion of innovation that incorporates data analytics, Artificial Intelligence as well as educational ecosystems. With our support, you can use your data as a key resource, establish your own AI applications and open up completely new business areas.

Initial situation and typical challenges

The networking of infrastructures and use of IoT applications in your own company generate ever larger and more unmanageable amounts of data. Mastering these and establishing data-driven decision-making processes at the same time are key technologies and offer enormous potential for innovation for your company.

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Our services

  • Data diagnostics and AI use case definitions
  • Analysis, processing and annotation of data resources
  • Implementation of uniform taxonomy and standardisation
  • Feature selection and baseline profiling
  • Ad-hoc analysis for anomaly detection
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