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Artificial intelligence in customer service

As Germany’s leading digital wine merchant, ‘Hanseatisches Wein und Sekt Kontor’ (Hawesko) has been focusing on the online trade of high-quality wines and champagnes since 1999. Hawesko draws on six decades of experience in customer relations as well as its expertise in product knowledge, supplier network and retail logistics.


AI technology can be used profitably in customer service – but how? New ideas are needed to not only track the development of AI and how it is used, but also to be in a position to deploy it at an early stage. As the volume of business continues to increase, so does the time pressure and the number of queries that customer service staff have to process. Not only are they expected to perform tasks manually across a wide range of channels, but they also need to maintain a high level of service quality while doing so.


A new space for ideas and innovative concepts was created with the help of adesso’s tried-and-tested workshop method, the Interaction Room: AI. Potential situations in which AI could be used in Hawesko’s customer service were developed on the basis of specific challenges in a series of three remote workshops. The results are evaluated AI use cases that also include recommendations for connectable implementation projects.

Benefits for Hawesko

- Common knowledge base on the AI technology trend

- Deep understanding of the needs and requirements of customers and service employees

- Development and design of innovative solution ideas

- Early stakeholder commitment thanks to joint goal setting and a change of perspective

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