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Do you find the lottery exciting? So do we!

Just like you, our lottery experts have been through some exciting times in recent years. Playing habits have changed, target groups have shifted and new technologies have emerged. We have provided lottery companies with holistic support, from the initial idea and the process of procuring terminals and central systems through to their successful launch and implementation. Working with the client to develop a custom IT strategy was often a foundational aspect of this work. After all, not all lottery companies are the same – and they are certainly not all the same size.

It is therefore very useful to have help from people who have a detailed understanding of all the processes involved in lotteries. This is exactly the kind of support we offer. We have developed a series of solutions that reduce the time to market for our lottery clients. Sometimes, however, our clients need our specialist knowledge rather than our technology. This includes mathematical reports, sales expertise and help with digital transformation. There is plenty to discover!

Over 50 Lottery experts

About 40 international clients

More than 100 completed projects

Our main topics at a glance

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Test and quality management

Be sure not to disappoint the customers' trust

Imagine that a new version of your central lottery system is being delivered or a new generation of lottery terminals is being rolled out. Taking it live will not be possible unless there is effective test management and structured quality assurance. We take on these aspects of the process, which allows you to rest assured that there won’t be any surprises. Our experts use International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB) frameworks to define the software quality measures for every lottery project.

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Successful projects and satisfied customers

The best way for you to get to know adesso is to take a look at our day-to-day work – to look at the companies that trust us, the projects we implement and the goals our clients achieve. We do not focus on technologies or methodologies – we focus on the people we work with and what they want to achieve.

Being well-connected is important

We partner with state-run lottery companies, so it goes without saying that we are a member of European Lotteries and the World Lottery Association. This means that you will be able to meet our experts at the relevant industry events. At the larger congresses, you will even be able to speak to them over a fresh draft of German beer at the adesso stand! We think it is important to maintain good relationships with industry partners, which is why we invest in them throughout the year and not just at official events. After all, we want to stay up to date with how things are going for them.


We take your app to the next level

How can you stand out with a successful digitization strategy? Do existing processes still work in a digital world? How do you properly approach the linking of core business processes of a gaming provider with a mobile solution?

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