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Digitalisation in the insurance industry: seize the opportunity with adesso as your partner

The growing dynamic of changes is presenting almost every industry with new challenges. However, the insurance industry is being hit particularly hard: Rigid processes, work structures shaped by hierarchy, inflexible products and cumbersome IT systems are but a few keywords that can be used to describe the current situation.

On the other side of the coin, expectations from end customers, sales partners, employees and ultimately from management are high: They want digital distribution channels, agile working methods, fully automated processes and unified IT systems – and all while lowering costs as much as possible at the same time.

At adesso, we are rethinking insurance

for stringent processes, pragmatic products and innovative projects

We use our specialist and technical expertise to optimise your products, offer you tailor-made products and provide you with diverse methodical knowledge that is customised to lead your projects.

After more than 20 years’ experience in providing insurers with consultation, we are more than familiar with the challenges facing the industry and understand the specific situations of the individual market players. Our blend of technological expertise and specialist industry knowledge has already won over a multitude of insurers.

Over 95 per cent of Germany’s top insurers choose to work with us and tackle the digital transformation together. Take a look at our service portfolio and see the reasons why for yourself.

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Portfolio Insurance

By digital processes in times of technological change

Whether you’re redeveloping an entire system, replacing individual components, aligning your sales to digital channels or developing your claims management into a positive digital customer experience, we provide support in the form of specialist and technical expertise to facilitate the digital transformation of your processes.

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By innovative products for the digital generation

Although there are differences, the core procedures in many insurance companies are similar in structure. We have developed proprietary products for these procedures. In addition, we also offer standard solutions that we customise to your company requirements.

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By tailor-made, professional methods in project implementation

We combine specialist and industry knowledge with technological expertise through the targeted use of tailor-made, professional methods – be it as part of traditional project management functions, in operational project support or in the methodology. Our employees bolster our methods with their numerous soft skills.

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