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Modernisation, core systems and customer portals

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Germany’s Associations of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians (KV) and billing providers are currently faced with the challenge of updating their core systems and launching their customer portal, which is designed to appeal to their customers and be easy to use.

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Associations of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians

The KVs and billing providers are currently faced with the challenge of updating their core systems. On the one hand, this is due to the normal lifecycle of large software systems. Another cause is the growing list of requirements, which is the result of ongoing health reforms and megatrends such as digital transformation.

Modernisation or new development?

Consequently, a strategy must be devised for the renewal of the existing core systems and, where relevant, for the migration of the pre-existing datasets. A decision must be made about whether the existing core system can be modernised, or whether it is in fact necessary to develop something entirely new. Nevertheless, the requirements for this kind of core system can vary.

We devise a customised strategy for the modernisation of your core system, thus solving the problem of having a core system that is no longer maintainable. To do this, we use cutting-edge technology such as Lightweight Java, AngularJS and microservices. When implementing the project, we combine agile software development with methods from traditional fixed price controlling. This means that despite taking an agile approach, we can provide budget certainty. We are experts when it comes to developing and modernising large core systems and we have numerous years of industry experience – including at BITMARCK, at a large billing provider in southern Germany, at DAK-Gesundheit and in the course of building and introducing our core system ‘in|sure’ for private insurance providers. We can therefore guarantee that the solution will be innovative and future-oriented and that you will be taking a giant leap towards digitisation by partnering with us.

Customer portals

In today’s world, having a customer portal that is appealing and easy to use – whether it takes the format of a protected member area or an online branch – is fast becoming a necessity when it comes to satisfying and retaining customers.

Yet the requirements list for a customer portal is multifaceted and complex. Should the portal first and foremost serve as a marketing tool that looks good? Or should it be purely functional? Should its primary purpose be to attract new customers or should it optimise processes for existing customers? This complexity is the reason we recommend that the requirements for a customer portal are formulated on a case-by-case basis, ideally within mixed teams.

We develop the requirements for your customer portal individually

By providing help with the strategic direction (portal strategy), the expert development of content, the selection of the most suitable technology, the implementation and the operation of the portal, we support you with your project and we guarantee that you will be provided with the best possible solution.

We have numerous years of project-based and industry experience, including at the KVs for Westphalia-Lippe and Saxony-Anhalt, as well as a current project for another large KV. This experience enables us to develop professional, feature-rich portal solutions. As e-business specialists and with our proprietary content management system FirstSpirit, we can provide you with portal solutions that are tailored to your requirements and that integrate seamlessly into existing systems. On request, we can also offer you a portal solution that is suitable for your purposes and that is built on the Microsoft SharePoint Server platform. In particular, this service also includes the integration of existing or newly developed back-end systems, in addition to the front-end design.

Successful projects - satisfied customers

We have supported companies and organizations in the healthcare sector in various projects to successfully overcome the hurdles of legislation, digitization and demanding end customers.

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