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Customer and people experience in the automotive industry

Transforming the customer experience

Customers’ environments are becoming increasingly digital, and customers themselves are becoming more and more used to digital customer experiences, including in the automotive sector. That means that, in order to impress their customers in this area, companies have to apply costumer experience management (CEM) concepts and tools. When you take the right approach and implement it in the right way, you can decide with pin-point precision just how effective the concept will be and how strongly it contributes to the success of your business.

The customer journey is a key tool when it comes to customer experience management (CEM)

It captures and visualises every point of contact that a potential customer experiences before and after a purchase. To provide a targeted customer experience, you therefore need to seamlessly integrate all organisational units across all levels (OEM, wholesale, retail, vehicle), touchpoints (including websites, configurators, retailers, workshop visits, hotlines or chatbots) and devices (such as print, apps, websites, messenger or social media).

Transformation of organisations and processes

Another important issue for companies is how to ensure that this transformation translates into improved organisational efficiencies and employee productivity. This is primarily about creating a working atmosphere that aims to remove obstacles and provide suitable environments. This is where the digital workplace comes into play. Through the skilful orchestration of users, context and content, it combines different technologies into a comprehensive socio-economic system.

Carefully create the full range of customer experiences, from first (digital) contact to closing purchases – and beyond. At the same time, create a tailored environment that encourages your employees to perform at their best. Our experts support out their broad professional, technical and industry expertise at your disposal to achieve these goals.

Below are just some of the topics covered by our portfolio:

  • CMS introduction
  • Designing the customer journey
  • Emotion detection
  • Natural interaction
  • Implementing chat and voice bots (platforms)
  • Aftersales
  • Service contract business
  • Digital events
  • Digital onboarding

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