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Networking, new business models

When it comes to mobility, your customers are setting a new direction. Today, there is a stronger demand for networking and integration. The digital components of your services are increasingly becoming the decisive factor for customer acceptance. In many areas, this development is still in its infancy.

When it comes to the hot topics of cars and transportation, fresh thinking is needed

Recent developments increasingly aim to make the car part of an ecosystem and embed it in a comprehensive, networked system. New mobility services can provide end users with highly flexible, inter-modal travel options. The range of options that these developments can open up for you is practically boundless. If you want to use new technology to develop fresh business models, our experts are the perfect partners for you.

We work with you to develop ways of responding to the growing demand for customised services and new mobility concepts for the automotive industry.

Connected car

When it comes to future mobility, connected driving is a key concept. This includes the networking and interaction of all the relevant sensors, vehicles, on-board equipment and infrastructure.

Technical developments are presenting suppliers and vehicle manufacturers alike with new challenges in this area. In addition, new laws on vehicle safety and performance are adding to the list of requirements the automotive industry is facing.

As a partner of leading companies in the automotive sector, adesso is by your side on the road to connected driving.

Below are just some of the topics covered by our portfolio:

  • Connected car services
  • In-car security
  • Infotainment software architecture
  • Driver apps
  • In-car services
  • Car data collectors
  • Track & Trace

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Shared mobility

Whether for private individuals or companies – when it comes to e-mobility, shared mobility concepts are playing an increasingly important role. Today’s customers are also more demanding than ever.

Providers are therefore often faced with the challenges of retaining or acquiring customers, ensuring the greatest possible proximity to customers whenever and wherever they require mobility services, and the need to offer configurable mobility services in real time.

We help you weather these challenges and work with you to completely redefine mobility.

Below are just some of the topics covered by our portfolio:

  • Car data collectors
  • In-car security
  • Shared mobility services
  • Customer journey
  • Development of in-car apps

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Autonomous C2X

Autonomous driving is at the core of future mobility as it allows for the more efficient use of all resources, including vehicles, roads and parking spaces. On country roads and motorways, the systems already work very reliably. But in cities, the situation is different: Cars and drivers have to deal with complex environments where the potential for unpredictable situations is much higher.

We help to reduce complexity by seamlessly interconnecting various technologies and partners and by ensuring that ambitious autonomous driving projects run smoothly.

Below are just some of the topics covered by our portfolio:

  • Autonomous driving C2X – driving simulation
  • Driver behaviour simulation – cognitive models

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E-mobility & IoT

The electrification of powertrains poses new challenges for the automotive industry. Two core issues in this context are the time-critical provision of energy and billing models.

adesso offers you a broad range of services that smooth the road ahead.

Our portfolio includes business field development and the strategic alignment of your project in terms of charging station management, tariffing and billing.

Our experts develop the necessary apps, manage charging stations as IoT devices, build dashboards to manage reused vehicle batteries or develop manufacturing execution systems for producing batteries.

Below are just some of the topics covered by our portfolio:

  • Energy trading
  • Micromobility
  • Dashboards
  • Car medic
  • In-car energy management
  • Charging station management
  • Battery second life
  • Billing
  • MES battery production

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