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IT solutions & services for times of crisis

Continuing to involve employees - Continuing to reach customers - Continuing to control processes


When solutions had to be found urgently, IT experts in companies showed what is possible even at short notice: they brought employees into the home office, they converted ongoing projects to remote, they keep processes running. Not every change was and is carried out silently - but the mixture of common sense, an eye for the possible and the right IT ensure that many things work quickly.

Now that immediate problems have been solved, companies are faced with the task of cushioning the economic consequences of the crisis. After all, no one has a plan for this situation in the drawer. That is why flexibility and fast results are the commandments of the hour. IT solutions and services can again make their contribution to this. We would like to briefly introduce you to the ten matching concepts here. Our experts will be happy to explain more details to you.

Our services at a glance:

  • Remote work
  • Securing the IT operations
  • Cloud solutions
  • FastLaunch E-Commerce
  • Automated communication
  • Business Continuity Management
  • Further training and qualifying
  • Managing customer contact
  • Digital tools in customer contact
  • AI-supported predictions

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Distributed Collaborative Work – Designing digital project work

Every project thrives on the exchange of ideas between the participants: from informal discussions over coffee to structured workshops - ideas are developed through communication. When established forms of collaboration are suddenly no longer available, digital tools such as Microsoft Teams and smart concepts for distributed working are needed. Within just a few days, reliable processes are available for employees and customers to continue existing projects and new ventures - almost as if everyone were sitting at the same table.

A well-proven procedure that delivers results quickly: This ensures that you can continue as seamlessly as possible where you were before the crisis. When it comes down to it, we determine your current situation within one day and work out the most urgent tasks. Our coaches, online trainings and learning templates ensure a smooth transition to new, digital forms of cooperation. Your employees will quickly be as productive as they were before the crisis.


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The joint development of ideas continues seamlessly - the workshop format for distributed working

Even if the participants currently cannot meet in the same room so easily: Cooperation on projects and topics must continue without frictional losses. The Interaction Remote (IR:Remote) compensates for the disadvantages of distributed working, which are particularly evident in workshops. The Remote Interaction Room was developed so that project participants can work together from anywhere. Just as if they were standing together in a workshop room and sketching ideas on whiteboards.

IR is a concept that helps teams from different departments to quickly develop a common understanding of goals and challenges. The use of modern IT tools makes sure that working together on a task is not a matter of a common room.


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Even when things get tough - Everything continues to run reliably

Employees are absent or withdrawn on short notice, development projects are stopped or the demands on the infrastructure increase rapidly: the current crisis can quickly have a negative impact on IT operations. Nevertheless, those responsible must maintain all important processes. Securing operations and reliable access to the applications used are particularly important now. To ensure that nothing comes to a complete standstill, our experienced employees rely on standardised and proven processes. In this way you remain capable of acting at short notice - despite unforeseen events.

Together with you, our experts will put together the services that suit your current situation and your requirements. This includes taking over and maintaining applications, securing know-how and expanding the operating team, as well as reacting to incidents in applications or infrastructure and solving problems.


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Switching to Remote Work means: massive access to files, video conferences or online presentations. Some IT infrastructures might not be prepared for this - but the systems still need to be running. A Cloud-based on-demand infrastructure provides short-term relief. It provides companies with the urgently needed leeway to deploy processes securely. We clarify your individual requirements situation with you at short notice and quickly put together a solution that fits your needs in terms of scope, data protection, legal framework and budget.

Our offers cover the entire range: From the initial analysis to the implementation of the requirements. From hosting in our own data center to public Cloud offerings. From connecting to your infrastructure to service requests with individual SLAs.


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CREATE A STORE THAT IS ACCESSIBLE 24/7 - without customers having to enter it

Retailers who have so far primarily relied on shops are currently facing particular problems. If the central sales channel is no longer available, alternatives must be found quickly. Proven process models, scalable platforms and our experienced consultants make sure that you get your product range online in a short time. We integrate the selection, ordering, payment and fulfillment processes that match your requirements - all within days.

If it comes down to it, we can set up an online shop for you within 14 days - from the initial consultation to the launch. Our experts call on years of experience in e-commerce. They are proficient in key technologies such as Salesforce Commerce Cloud, SAP Commerce Cloud or commerce tools.


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The media dominate the current crisis almost completely. Whether the topics of your communication fit the situation or whether you want to offer your customers a refreshing change: You must ensure that you continue to reach your target groups. Salesforce tools provide targeted, personalised, large-scale customer communications right away. We bundle the most important Salesforce solutions into a starter package and train your employees in the use of the basic functions. After just a few hours, you can get started with your communication.

From basic strategic planning to evaluating the level of maturity and implementing the first campaigns - we accompany you through the entire process. Within a few days, we will jointly create the technical and organisational conditions for customer communication that will pay off - not only in times of crises.


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THE BUSINESS WILL CONTINUE - together we identify critical processes

Stability is decisive for the success of a company - especially in times of crisis. Critical company processes must continue to function as smoothly as possible. Together with you, we analyse your current situation, identify critical points and develop short-term solutions. With the Home Office Check we test your processes around homework and data access from the outside.

With the help of standardised procedures and processes, we quickly identify the issues that are important for your company. Our experts develop proposals for solutions to acute risks and support you in their implementation.


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Right now is the right time to make employees fit for the future. Once the crisis is over, topics such as digital transformation will play a completely different role. Many companies are currently experiencing first-hand how important digital processes and competent employees are. Our training program teaches modern technologies, methods and industry-related topics - from Artificial Intelligence to the Internet of Things. Successful participants then pass on these topics to their organisations.

From collaboration tools to the digital workplace to AI, from agile coaching to remote scrum to innovation management: we offer you a comprehensive portfolio of training courses. The offer is supplemented by industry-specific aspects that are tailored to your individual situation. You choose the modules that are of interest to your employees - our experts will organise the entire process.


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You need to maintain your customer service even in times when personal conversations are only difficult or even impossible. Even more customers are now picking up the phone, sending e-mails or writing to you via social media channels. You need to be able to process and track this flood of enquiries in a well-organised manner. A multi-channel and structured case management helps you to accomplish this. adesso supports you in setting up or scaling your Salesforce ServiceCloud in a short time. This way you can pre-qualify messages thus optimising the processing of requests.

Providers such as Salesforce, SAP or Microsoft offer out-of-the-box solutions to set up and implement such processes. We combine this with adesso's own tools, for example for training and operating chatbots. Within a few weeks our experts set up a system which noticeably relieves your service - in acute times of crisis and beyond.


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Your customer and service hotline will directly experience the effects of the crisis. On the one hand, the number of calls is increasing, on the other hand call center agents are dropping out. Chatbots on websites or in smartphone apps and phone bots can cushion these problems. Simple queries are answered directly by these applications. The bot analyses more complex requests and forwards them - if necessary pre-qualified - to the right person in charge. Enquirers receive the information they are looking for more quickly, and your employees can concentrate on the important conversations. Our chatbot specialists set up the appropriate systems in a short time.

Our "Chatbot as a Service" and "Telefonbot as a Service" packages are designed for a quick start in the bot world. From the initial workshop to content modelling and operation, we set up a process trimmed for efficiency. Within a few days your bot will be working in your customer service.


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AI-based predictions

Sound forecasts in uncertain times - react quickly to new data

The current crisis situation is radically changing the data situation in many areas. Forecasts are difficult to make, already developed forecast models are failing. But especially now it is important to make decisions based on reliable forecasts. Machine learning methods help you to recognise patterns and correlations in the new data basis. This allows you to react immediately to changes in the buying or communication behaviour of your customers.

"Result as a Service": Our experts take over the complete process of data preparation, analysis and interpretation. You don't need any internal AI know-how or infrastructure of your own to benefit from the advantages. Within one to two weeks, our AI experts deliver the first results


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The Remote Interaction Room - a currently suitable workshop format

No matter whether you have to react acutely to a situation caused by the crisis, want to improve processes in the short term or are thinking about digitalisation opportunities in the medium term: understanding each other is - as simple as it sounds - the key to successful projects.

With a well thought-out workshop concept that uses modern IT tools to channel the dynamics and deliver quickly usable results, we are also there to support you in overcoming your individual challenges.

The project tool Remote Interaction Room (Remote IR) is the answer to the requirements of distributed working. The Remote IR is a virtual workshop environment. The concept is based on a number of modern online tools such as Microsoft Teams, Microsoft OneNote or the business process modeling tool Cawemo and simple rules of the game. With the help of these tools, the project participants visualise processes together on "whiteboards" and thus develop a common understanding of the project. Learn more about Remote IR here.

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