digital maturity check

Digital maturity check

A method for determining the digital maturity of companies


The dynamic development of new digital technologies presents companies with the challenge of adapting their business models, products and processes to the new digital reality. The digital transformation is a process that companies need to introduce strategically and actively develop. It is essential that decision makers precisely analyse their own organisation as well as market developments and use this knowledge to define a strategic goal and necessary design areas for your future company goals.

Your added value and our goals

The results of our multi-dimensional analysis make it possible to categorise your company dimensions into individual maturity levels and determine precise positions. We provide you with recommendations for continuing the digital transformation based on the graphical evaluations of the results. This picture makes it clear which strengths you can take advantage of and which weak points still need to be optimised.

We consider the following to be some of the important goal for this:

  • Survey and initial situation of your company
  • Identification of digitalisation potential
  • Weak point analysis of digital capacity
  • Comparison and classification with different industries
  • Implications for continuing the digital transformation
  • Creation of an initial digital roadmap

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The digital maturity check

The digital maturity check is based on economic studies and the experience of experts from real life. In addition to nine different company dimensions, we also examine your potential in terms of your digital capacity and digital management expertise.

Each of the model’s dimensions contains different maturity criteria. To be able to measure these, you can use an online assessment to estimate how strongly various indicators apply to your own company.

The answers of the online assessment are then weighed and evaluated using a value metric, which allows your company to be classified in a maturity level.

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Our services

Once you have completed your online assessment, our consultants conduct in-depth interviews with selected roles at your company. This allows us to perform a better analysis of your company situation and provide you with specific and personalised recommendations.

Before the actual survey and analysis of your company, we will coordinate all organisational matters with you, which allows the survey and its results to be perfectly adapted to your needs and goals. A report of the results provides a visualisation of the results of the maturity check and the recommendations.

Adapted to suit you

Our digitalisation experts are happy to support you in your company’s digital transformation. You not only benefit from our technical expertise, but also from our many years of experience in a wide range of industries.

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