The current trend of digital transformation has put many companies in a state of transition. This trend poses new challenges for business intelligence (BI) processes and existing BI architectures. As applications and services become increasingly digital, traditional BI architectures need to be complemented by modern, agile and analytical approaches. This is the only way companies can use information they obtain with digital processes to make important decisions and develop competitive advantages.

We at adesso have been using agile methods in software engineering for a long time. And we are now, after a slight delay, incorporating these methods into BI projects. Traditional procedures that have been used in previous BI projects until now are not capable of providing companies with analytical knowledge quickly and efficiently in today’s digital climate. Flexibility and agility are paramount, and the required agility needs to be supplemented by processes, applications and IT systems. To this end, companies could implement data modelling processes such as data vault modelling, use hot data (in-memory database) or an Extract Load Transform (ELT) tool while taking an agile development approach and deploying dynamically scalable systems.

In our view, agility in the context of BI projects means providing the knowledge that is needed for making decisions in a quick and efficient manner. Agility, combined with automation and self-learning analysis methods, will have a direct impact on the organisation, technology and processes of a company. This set of approaches is then an analysis service that is incorporated into a ‘digital product’. Business analytics is therefore not always recognisable as such at first glance, but it is an integral part of everyday digital applications.

We offer both traditional and modern BI procedures and use them, depending on your requirements, to help your company make decisions as efficiently and sustainably as possible.

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100 % certified employees

400 Years of project experience

300 successful projects

Custom construction and expansion of your BI architecture

Benefit from our certified employees’ years of cross-industry project experience. We provide you with suitable architecture tailored to your individual needs, adjust your BIA architecture in keeping with current BI trends (for example, in the fields of big data or DWH modernisation) and integrate new technologies such as in-memory databases and Data Vault 2.0 into your existing structures.

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Set up your individual BI structure

Our experts support you in setting up your BI structure and provide you with specialist solutions to meet regulatory requirements such as Basel III or Solvency II. We also offer the Interaction Room, which entails working together to develop and implement your individual ideas. Benefit from our years of cross-industry project experience and enhance your performance as well as the efficiency of your systems.

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Develop new business processes

Our highly trained Data Scientists support you in creating new business processes.

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Develop new business processes

Our highly trained Data Scientists support you in creating new business processes and tapping new potential. With our support, you can masterfully navigate the mass of data you need to work with. When it comes to big data, we support you in integrating and evaluating relevant data, such as sensor data or data collected through social media.

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Provide information relevant to decision-making

What developments have been made in the past? Which future developments do you need to take note of? Our experts create informative visualisations based on mathematic models in order to provide you with all information relevant to decision-making in a condensed and manageable form.

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